Sentence Examples

  • Strauss eventually fired Ellis, but because work was difficult for an engineer to find during the Great Depression, Ellis continued to work tirelessly on the bridge pro bono, although he received little credit for this work in his lifetime.
  • It's hard to believe today with our computer models and 3D graphics, but it took engineer Joseph Strauss a decade to convince the city's commissioners that his mathematics were sound and that his plan for the bridge was feasible.
  • Although Joseph Strauss is credited as being the Chief Engineer, he received notable help from Irving Morrow, Charles Alton Ellis, and many other engineers and technicians who helped create this beautiful national landmark.
  • The summer musical events, aside from traditional performances of the works of such composers as Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Strauss and others, also often include works and performances by more recent composers.
  • Leading American jeans companies have worked vigorously throughout the years to capitalize on the casual wear trend, and the long-established Levi Strauss had a winner indeed with Dockers denim shorts.