Sentence Examples

  • The innocuous challenge by Moses saw a penalty awarded which Andy Stephens could do nothing about.
  • VPI was founded over twenty-seven years ago by Dr. Jack Stephens, DVM, and still employs a team of veterinarians working throughout the company to maintain the focus on helping owners provide their pets with the care they need.
  • Stephens' early goal was to make a dent in the number of economic euthanasias.
  • He expelled all Stephens mercenaries, took back into his hands the royal lands and castles which his predecessor had granted away, and destroyed hundreds of the adulterine castles which the barons and knights had built without leave during the years of the anarchy.
  • From the point of view of his English subjects his main achievement was that he restored iii almost every detail the well-organized bureaucracy which his ancestor had created, and with it the law and order that had disappeared during Stephens unhappy reign.