Sentence Examples

  • Wingate (London, 1891), and With Hicks Pasha in the Soudan, by J.
  • The development of other species of Vitis, such as the curious succulent species of the Soudan and other parts of equatorial Africa, or the numerous kinds in India and Cochin China, is of course possible under suitable conditions; but it is obvious that an extremely long period must elapse before they can successfully compete with the product of many centuries.
  • Mrs Bent, who had contributed by her skill as a photo grapher and in other ways to the success of her husband's journeys, published in 1900 Southern Arabia, Soudan and Sakotra, in which were given the results of their last expedition into that region.
  • Grant, Cassells History of the War in the Soudan, 6 vols.
  • Ibrahim Hilmi, Literature of Egypt and the Soudan, 2 vols.