Sentence Examples

  • For Switzerland, for the reorganization of the bishoprics of Basel and Soleure; in force.
  • It later became one of the chief centres of the Reformation movement in Switzerland, so that the bishop retired in 1525 to Porrentruy, where he resided till 1792, finally settling at Soleure in 1828, the bishopric having been wholly reorganized since 1814.
  • There is more than one meaning of Soleure discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia.
  • Then he became, or says he became, secretary to a Greek archimandrite who was travelling in Switzerland to collect subscriptions for the rebuilding of the Holy Sepulchre; then he went to Paris, and, with recommendations from the French ambassador at Soleure, saw something of good society; then he returned on foot through Lyons to Savoy, hearing that Madame de Warens was at Chambery.
  • In 1579 Geneva was included in the alliance concluded by France with Bern and Soleure, while in 1584 Zurich joined Bern in another alliance with Geneva.