Sentence Examples

  • In March 1784 he entered into relations with a certain Jeanne de St Remy de Valois, a descendant of a bastard of Henry II., who after many adventures had married a soi-disant comte de Lamotte, and lived on a small pension which the king granted her.
  • Alexander, soi-disant earl of Stirling.
  • Among the Chinese the name of the silkworm is " si, " Korean " soi "; to the ancient Greeks it became known as Q?p, the nation whence it came was to them ?r?pE S and the fibre itself o ptKc v, whence the Latin sericum, the French soie, the German Seide and the English silk.
  • His essay Du perfectionnement moral et del' education de soi-meme was crowned by the French Academy in 1825.
  • The resignation of the wife of Eliduc and her reception of the new bride find a parallel in another of the lays, 4 The soi-disant Breton folk-song "Ann Eostik" on the same subject translated by La Villemarque in his Barzaz-Breiz (1840) is rejected by competent authorities.