Sentence Examples

  • Episodes in season five also crossed over with sister show Private Practice as Sloan (Eric Dane) took his daughter to Addison for help and Addison brought her brother Archer to Derek for assistance.
  • He made guest appearances on Grey's during the second season and became a regular during the third season as plastic surgeon Dr. Mark "McSteamy" Sloan.
  • After a variety of small roles in Hollywood movies, Dane became a regular cast member on the TV show Grey's Anatomy, in which he plays Dr. Mark Sloan.
  • Tina Sloan (ex-Lillian Raines, GL) - As Katherine Pierce, Sloan played a grieving widow who consulted with Guya for spiritual guidance.
  • Rise Up - Derek wants Sloan to distract Cristina while the residents squabbling drives Owen Hunt around the bend.