Single-number-dialing Definition


Also known as store locator service, a service of the advanced intelligent network (AIN) that provides the ability to advertise a single number. The network routes calls to the closest store location in terms of either geography or time zone, based on the originating address (i.e., telephone +3V0-3V+3V0-3V+3V0-3V1 cps, 1 Hz2 cps, 2 Hz3 cps, 3 Hz 1 second number) of the caller. Single number dialing might be used by a chain of pizza parlors so that a caller is automatically routed to the closest parlor and, therefore, the pizza can be delivered in the shortest time, at the lowest cost, and in the hottest condition. (I like anchovies on mine, but my wife hates them. She thinks anchovies are at the root of all evil, at least in the pizza domain.) See also AIN and pizza box.

Webster's New World Telecom

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