Sentence Examples

  • The government is divided into eight districts, the chief towns of which are Simferopol, capital of the government, Eupatoria and Theodosia, in Crimea, and Aleshki, Berdyansk, Melitopol, Perekop and Yalta on the continent.
  • SIMFEROPOL, a town of Russia, capital of the government of Taurida, in the S.
  • Of Simferopol, on a sandy promontory on the north of Kalamita Bay, in 45° 12' N.
  • Placed on the high road between Simferopol and Kerch, and in the midst of a country rich in corn land, vineyards and gardens, Karasu-Bazar used to be a chief seat of commercial activity in the Crimea; but it is gradually declining in importance, though still a considerable centre for the export of fruit.
  • Of Simferopol and 72 m.

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