Sentence Examples

  • The principal places of commerce are: (I) Siang-t'an, on the Siang-kiang, said to contain 1,000,000 inhabitants, and to extend 3 m.
  • This area is divided into nearly two equal parts - one, the Lei river coal-fields, yielding anthracite, and the other the Siang river coal-fields, yielding bituminous coal.
  • Yo Chow, the treaty port of the province, stands at the outlet of the river Siang into this lake.
  • The principal rivers are the Si-kiang and the Kwei-kiang, or Cinnamon River, which takes its rise in the district of Hing-gan, in the north of the province, and in the neighbourhood of that of the Siang river, which flows northward through Hu-nan to the Tungt'ing Lake.

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