Sentence Examples

  • In 1095 two brothers, Ridwan and Dekak, ruled in Aleppo and Damascus respectively; but they were at war with one another, and Yagi-sian, the ruler of Antioch, was a party to their dissensions.
  • At the end of October the crusaders came into position before Antioch, which was held by Yagi-sian, and began the siege of the city, which lasted from October 21, 1097, to June 3, 1098.
  • SI -GAN FU (officially Sian Fu), the capital of the province of Shen-si, N.W.
  • Si-gan Fu, or Sian Fu, is the provincial capital; there are six other prefectural cities.
  • The ancient ~sian inscriptions have been collected in a Latin translation;h grammar and glossaries by F.