Sentence Examples

  • In 1717 this part of Marlboro, with other lands, was erected into the township of Westboro, to which parts of Sutton (1728),(1728), Shrewsbury (1762 and 1793) and Upton (1763) were subsequently annexed, and from which Northboro was separated in 1766.
  • The plot was frustrated by Hotspur's defeat at Shrewsbury (21st of July 1403); and Northumberland for the time submitted.
  • When nineteen he became the pupil of a doctor in Shrewsbury, also acting as dresser in the infirmary there.
  • WATLING STREET, the Early English name for the great road made by the Romans from London past St Albans (Roman Verulamium) to Wroxeter (Roman Viroconium) near Shrewsbury and used by the Anglo-Saxons, just as a great part of it is used to-day.
  • In 1884, at Shrewsbury, a prize of £Ioo was awarded for a sheafbinding reaper, and one of £50 for a similar machine.