Sentence Examples

  • The letters to her daughter Solange, which have recently been published, irresistibly recall the letters of Mme de Sevigne to Mme de Grignan.
  • And the salons of Mme de Sevigne, of her daughter Mme de Grignan, and of the duchesse de Maine for a while gave the questions of philosophy a place among the topics of polite society, and furnished to Moliere the occasion of his Femmes savantes.
  • One of the chief authorities for the last years of Retz is Madame de Sevigne, whose connexion he was by marriage.
  • They are addressed in the form of narrative to a lady who is not known, though guesses have been made at her identity, some even suggesting Madame de Sevigne herself.
  • The chief are Madame de Motteville's memoirs for the period of the Fronde, and the letters of Madame de Sevigne and the memoirs of Saint-Simon for the later period.