Sentence Examples

  • C. 2) on occasion of the obsequies of Severus, which he appears to have witnessed.
  • In the centre of the area are the substructions of a temple, and on the south-east side are the remains of the theatre, built in the early imperial period, restored by Septimius Severus in 196-197 and again in the 4th or 5th century.
  • After a severe struggle, the revolt was suppressed by the Roman general, Julius Severus, and Jerusalem was recaptured and again destroyed.
  • For the East it has had the same importance as the similar writings of Jerome, Sulpicius Severus and Cassian for the West.
  • I Capitolinus states that he was originally called Catilius Severus after his mother's grandfather; if so the name was early discarded.