Sentence Examples

  • Not all Serengeti lenses are polarized, but those that are feature a polarizing film sandwiched between Serengeti's specially treated optical glass and another thin glass lens to protect the film and make it virtually indestructible.
  • If there is a specific style of Serengeti sunglasses that you have your eye on and know its name or model number, you can type it into the search box on many sites online and find out if it is available.
  • Serengeti Drivers Polarized: Here you'll find the same great driving look of the original Serengeti Drivers, but the polarized option allows you to perform under the cloudiest and harshest of conditions.
  • Whether you are driving a car or playing a round of golf, Serengeti sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sun, reduce glare and give you both clarity and contrast in a variety of light conditions.
  • Another feature that makes Serengeti sunglasses unique is that they use patented spectral control filters that block and filter light, making objects appear vibrant and bright.