Sentence Examples

  • Along with more standard equipment options instead of upgrades, the 2010 Ford Flex offers a twin-turbocharged, direct injected engine in the SEL and Limited models.
  • "It is a wyues occupation," he says, " to wynowe all maner of comes, to make malte, to washe and wrynge, to make heye, shere come, and, in time of nede, to helpe her husbande to fyll the mucke wayne or dounge carte, dryue the ploughe, to loode heye, come and suche other; and to go or ride to the market to sel butter, chese, mylke, egges, chekyns, capons, hennes, pygges, gese, and all maner of comes."
  • '0,1tfill', Z -4,'If';' ' sel..Vk Q7Vra ----4‘kiar,, 'e/-ke;,/ ¦.
  • (II) hlaf userne oferwistlic sel Us to daeg.
  • Guyton de Morveau suggested that this base should be called alumine, after Sel alumineux, the French name for alum; and about 1820 the word was changed into alumina.