Sentence Examples

  • In the brain's hypothalamus, a special supra chiasmatic nucleus (SCN) responds by sending messages to the other parts of the body to get you moving, including hormones.
  • It is a hormone regulated by the SCN and is only produced when it gets dark outside.
  • When melatonin is released into the body by the SCN, you begin to get tired.
  • Ind., 1893, 13, p. 887) digest carbon bisulphide with ammonia and lime in quantities slightly in excess of those demanded by the following equation: 2CS 2 + 2NH 3 + 2Ca(OH) 2 = Ca(SCN) 2 Ca(SH)2+4H20; the product is then treated with a current of carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate being precipitated, sulphuretted hydrogen escaping, and calcium sulphocyanide remaining in solution.
  • Chromic thiocyanate, Cr(SCN) 3, an amorphous deliquescent mass, is formed by dissolving the hydroxide in thiocyanic acid and drying over sulphuric acid.