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  • One of the hospitals was founded by the famous Capuchin philanthropist, Father Theodosius Florentini (1808-1865), who was long the Romanist cure of Coire, and whose remains were in 1906 transferred from the cathedral here to Ingenbohl (near Schwyz), his chief foundation.
  • The progress of the Reformation attracted the attention of all Switzerland, but there was a strong opposition to it, especially in the five Forest Cantons: Lucerne, Zug, Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden; and the Zurichers felt it necessary to form a league in its defence.
  • Pragel Pass (Muotathal to Glarus), carriage road in progress Hacken Pass (Schwyz to Einsiedeln), foot path Holzegg Pass (same to same), bridle path Ibergeregg Pass (Schwyz to Iberg and Einsiedeln), carriage road 7,126 6,877 6,811 6,227 5,512 5,417 5,158 5,099 4,616 4,613 Krazeren Pass (Nesslau to Urnasch), bridle path.
  • According to him the men of Schwyz and of Unterwalden were the first to rise, those of Uri following suit much later But neither Justinger nor Hemmerli makes any allusion to Tell or his feat.
  • Many details are given of the oppressions of the bailiffs: we hear of Gessler, of the meeting of Stoupacher of Schwyz, Furst of Uri, and a man of.

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