Sentence Examples

  • See Lindau, Geschichte der Hauptand Residenzstadt Dresden (2 vols., Dresden, 1884-1885); Prblss, Geschichte des Hoftheaters in Dresden (Dresden, 1877); Schumann, Fuhrer durch die konigl.
  • Schumann 2 have shown, however, that with the help of spectroscopes void of air and specially prepared photographic plates, spectra can be registered as far down as lzoo A.
  • Von Schlegel, the diplomatist Christian Karl von Bunsen, Robert Schumann, Karl Simrock, E.
  • Schumann (Eng.
  • They are now included, together with articles on Schumann and Schubert, and the elaborate and rather highflown essays on Chopin and Des Bohemiens et de leur musique en Hongrie (the latter certainly, and the former probably, written in collaboration with Madame de Wittgenstein), in his Gesammelte Schriften (6 vols., Leipzig).