Sentence Examples

  • Schliemann, Tiryns (London, 1886); Schuchhardt, Schliemann's Excavations, trans.
  • As soon as Schliemann came on the Mycenae graves three years later, light poured from all sides on the prehistoric period of Greece.
  • Schliemann got to work again at Hissarlik in 1878, and greatly increased our knowledge of the lower strata, but did not recognize the Aegean remains in his "Lydian" city of the sixth stratum, which were not to be fully revealed till Dr W.
  • But by laying bare in 1884 the upper stratum of remains on the rock of Tiryns (q.v.), Schliemann made a contribution to our knowledge of prehistoric domestic life which was amplified two years later by Chr.
  • Schliemann both made unsuccessful attempts at Cnossus, and A.

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