Sentence Examples

  • With the connivance of the duke of Austria he fled, first to Schaffhausen, then to Laufenburg, Freiburg, and finally to Breisach, in the hope of escaping in Burgundian territory the pressure exerted upon him by the emperor and the fathers of the council.
  • The chief towns on its banks are Constance (S.), Schaffhausen (N.), Waldshut (N.), Laufenburg (S.), Sackingen (N.), Rheinfelden (S.), and Basel (both banks).
  • Below Schaffhausen the river forms the famous Falls of the Rhine, or Falls of Schaffhausen (60 ft.
  • There is more than one meaning of Schaffhausen discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia.
  • Schaffhausen, 1740).