Sentence Examples

  • Sapir goes on to accuse Cruise of hiring Anthony Pellicano, king of illegal wiretapping (and serving a 15 year sentence for it), to illegally tap into Sapir's phone conversations during a lawsuit Cruise brought against Sapir.
  • The lawsuit was settled out of court with the only stipulation known that Sapir had to publicly state that Tom Cruise was not gay and the alleged tape "proving" Cruise's homosexuality did not exist.
  • Back in 2001, rumor had it that Sapir was shopping an alleged video tape to various tabloid television outlets "proving" that Tom Cruise was gay.
  • Cruise got wind of it and filed a defamation suit against Sapir.
  • O - &lrcecpos, but there seems no doubt that this term, like the Hebrew sapir of the Old Testament, was formerly applied to what is now called lapis lazuli; the modern sapphire was probably known as baKCveos (hyacinthus).