Sentence Examples

  • North of the town is the Safi-abad garden, with a palace built by Shah Safi (1629-1642) for his daughter.
  • It hardly lay near Gath (probably Tell es-Safi, 12 m.
  • Maragha, a town of Persia in the province of Azerbaijan, on the Safi River; in 37° 23' N., 46° 16' E., 80 m.
  • Two stone bridges in good condition, said to have been constructed during the reign of Hulaku Khan (1256-1265), and since then several times repaired, lead over the Safi River on the western side of the town.
  • There is a fairly continuous intercourse with external culture (Cypriote, early and late Greek), and, if Gath be identified with Tel es-Safi, Bliss and Macalister, who excavated it, found no trace of any interruption in its history.

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