Sentence Examples

  • WEISSENFELS, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Saxony, situated on the Saale 20 m.
  • The chief streams are the Werra, which traverses the south and east of the duchy, and various tributaries of the Main and the Saale, so that Saxe-Meiningen belongs to the basins of the three great rivers Weser, Rhine and Elbe.
  • SAALFELD, a town of Germany, in the duchy of SaxeMeiningen, picturesquely situated on the left bank of the Saale, 24 m.
  • In early times there dwelt in Thuringia, south of the river Unstrut, the Angli, who gave their name to the pagus Engili, and to the east, between the Saale and the Elster, the Warni (Werini, or Varini), whose name is seen in Werenofeld.
  • For want of room, only a few Prussian over the Saale at Kosen, when his advanced guard came in contact with that of the Prussian main army.

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