Sentence Examples

  • Finally, the sacral segments (S1 to S5) lie just below the lumbar segments in the mid-back and control signals to the groin, toes, and some parts of the legs.
  • Type G/N AirClean Filter Bags are used for both S2 and S5 models.
  • This filter can be used in canister models such as the S5.
  • Numerical quantities, to be added or subtracted, must be in the same denomination; we cannot, for instance, add S5 shillings and loo pence, any more than we can add 3 yards and 2 metres.
  • There were in 1907 3500 Greek churches in the island with 53 monasteries and 3 nunneries; S5 mosques, 4 Roman Catholic churches and 4 synagogues.