Sentence Examples

  • Type F/J/M AirClean Bags are designed for S4, S200 and S500 canister vacuums.
  • 52, S4), and on a parallel passage in the ZVlajjhima (J.R.A.S., 18 95, p. 767), tell us that the mother of the future Buddha was on her way from Kapilavastu (Kapilavatthu), the capital of the Sakiyas, to her mother's home at Devadaha, the capital of the adjoining tribe, the Koliyas, to be confined there.
  • Argentina had already undertaken to extend her northern railway from Jujuy to the Bolivian frontier town of Tupiza, and the Peruvian Corporation had constructed for the Bolivian government a short line (S4 m.
  • The remaining S4 members of the Landsthing are returned for eight years according to a method of proportionate representation by a body of deputy electors.
  • S4° W., and the party had to take to their boats, after drifting 292 days in the ship and 165 on the bare ice, 457 days in all.