Sentence Examples

  • She becomes close to and eventually adopts the oldest and yet youngest of the returnees, Maia Rutledge (Conchita Campbell), an eight-year-old girl who disappeared in 1946.
  • One of O'Brien's first assignments was aboard the USS Rutledge where he served as junior tactical officer in the Cardassian War.
  • Rutledge championed the Constitution in the South Carolina convention by which that instrument was adopted on behalf of the state.
  • With John Adams and Edward Rutledge he was selected by Congress to discuss with Admiral Howe (September 1776, at Staten Island) the terms of peace proposed by Howe, who had arrived in New York harbour in July 1776, and who had been an intimate friend of Franklin; but the discussion was fruitless, as the American commissioners refused to treat " back of this step of independency."
  • It was in this house that Lord Howe on the nth of September 1776 held a peace conference with Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Edward Rutledge representing the Continental Congress.