Sentence Examples

  • In 1844 the troop-ships "Briton" and "Runnymede" were driven ashore here, almost close together.
  • At Runnymede he appeared as a commissioner on the king's side, and his influence must therefore be sought in those clauses of the Charter which differ from the original petitions of the barons.
  • RUNNIMEDE, or Runnymede, a meadow on the S.
  • Within the parish, bordering the river, is the field of Runnymede, which, with Magna Charta Island lying off it, is famous in connexion with the signature of the charter by King John.
  • On the I5th of June 1215 he sealed at Runnymede, close to Windsor, the famous Magna Carta, in face of a vast assembly among which he had hardly a single friend.