Sentence Examples

  • Pheedo is a feed advertising service that matches advertisers seeking opportunities to advertise in blog feeds that reach readers in their defined target audience with blog publishers who have RSS subscribers within that population.
  • When you find a podcast on the Interner, usually it will show an RSS feed showing the most recent episodes of the podcast - usually with a date, a title, a description of the content, length of program - and a direct download link.
  • This professionally built site does not disappoint, with scenes from the movie on the main page, a free trailer download, an RSS feed for events and news, and of course an online store where you can purchase official merchandise.
  • There are hundreds of feed directories across the Internet, so initially you'll need to devote some time to getting your feed "out there." Start with the big search engine RSS guides, such as Yahoo or Google.
  • When you decide to venture into feed advertising for your blog, you should take steps to increase RSS subscribers and focus on creating content that is likely to engage them and make them want to keep coming back for more.