Sentence Examples

  • Art Of The Furon movie: Santa Modesta side mission Blue Book : Saucer Blueprints movie: Rockwell side mission Evolution Of An Alien movie: Turnipseed Farm side mission Face of the Enemy: Area-42 Pathetic Humans!
  • Everwood creator Greg Berlanti wanted a "Norman Rockwell" feel for his family-oriented show and reportedly chose Utah because it provided the warmth, charm and natural beauty he was looking for.
  • Rick Rockwell was the subject of the show, and he remained only in profile until the winner was chosen.Darva Conger was the winner, and she was married to Rockwell at the end of the program.
  • Introducing the crew at the convention is fan Guy Fleegman (Sam Rockwell), who glories in the memory of his bit part in one episode as Crewman Number Six.
  • And in 1963, Red Wing commissioned Norman Rockwell as well as incipient artist Les Kouba to sketch Red Wing shoes for the company catalog.