Sentence Examples

  • Then, since nr rl is also a rational integral function of n of degree r, we can find a coefficient c r, not containing n, and such as to make N-c r nr ri contain no power of n higher than n r - 1.
  • - Employ the elliptic coordinates n,, and -=n+Vi, such that z=cch?, cchncos,y=cshnsin-; (1) then the curves for which n and are constant are confocal ellipses and hyperbolas, and -d(n,) =c 2 (ch 2 n - cost) = 2c 2 (ch2n-cos2) = r i r 2 = OD 2, (2) if OD is the semi-diameter conjugate to OP, and ri, r 2 the focal distances, rl,r2 = c (ch n cos 0; r 2 = x2 +y2 = c 2 (ch 2 n - sin20 = 1c 2 (ch 2 7 7 +cos 2?).
  • Nosthyrl (thyrl or th y rl, hole or opening).
  • DEACONESS (rl S&Clkol'os or Scaeovtao-a, servant, minister), the name given to a woman set apart for special service in the Christian Church.
  • Rl gheimer, Ber., 1876, 9, p. 563; V.