Sentence Examples

  • - The language of Tibet bears no special name, it is merely known as " The Speech of Bod or Tibet," namely, Bod-skad (pronounced Bho-kd), while the vernacular is called P'al-skad or " vulgar speech," in contradistinction to the rje-sa or " polite respectful speech " of the educated classes, and the ch'os-skad or " book language," the literary style in which the scriptures and other classical works are written.
  • Probably RJE omitted the name in ii.
  • The narrative, however, displays signs of compilation, and it is not improbable that RJE has incorporated in vv.
  • Is due, in the first instance, to RJE, but in view of the other Deuteronomic expansions in vv.
  • Lob-16, 23, 24, it is more probable that J's version was discarded by RJE in favour of E's, and was afterwards restored by RD.