Sentence Examples

  • And James V., including the apartments occupied by Queen Mary, the scene of the murder of Rizzio in 1566.
  • Some of the best of the varieties are: - Purple: David Rizzio, Sir Franklin, purpureus grandiflorus.
  • In 1567 Mary made Bothwell keeper of the castle, and sought its shelter herself after the murder 'of Rizzio and again after her flight from Borthwick Castle.
  • Mary who had already married her kinsman in secret at Stirling Castle with Catholic rites celebrated in the apartment of David Rizzio, her secretary for correspondence with France, assured the English ambassador, in reply to the protest of his mistress, that the marriage would not take place for three months, when a dispensation from the pope would allow the cousins to be publicly united without offence to the Church.
  • Rizzio, hitherto his friend and advocate, induced the queen to reply by a reasonable refusal to this hazardous and audacious request.

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