Sentence Examples

  • His success in the Rhineland was as great as it had been in Brazil, and he proved himself a most able and wise ruler.
  • They were especially numerous in the Rhineland in the end of the 13th and during the 14th century; and they seem to have corrupted the originally orthodox communities of Beghards, for Beghards and Brethren of the Free Spirit are used henceforward as convertible terms, and the same immoralities are related of both.
  • He was a director of many of the greatest industrial and mining companies of Westphalia, the Rhineland and Luxemburg.
  • Henry, having obtained help from the princes of the Rhineland, attacked and defeated the Saxons at Hohenburg near Langensalza, rebuilt the forts, and pardoned Otto, whom he appointed administrator of the country.
  • Rhineland foot, much used in Germany, = 12.357 in.