Sentence Examples

  • RGB stands for Red-Green-Blue, and there are hexadecimal color charts for putting any shade you like on a site, but that doesn't tell you what colors will look good together on the web.
  • You could use any other color, hexadecimal or RGB value, or some other style such as "dotted" or "dash." You can see examples of each variation on the Border Codes page.
  • The Oregon Trail is remembered to this day as one of the best kids' software titles ever to grace an RGB monitor and has earned accolades and awards from game experts and educators alike.
  • Like the three digit RGB values, these hex numbers also became codified and memorized by web designers too busy to look them up on charts, such as the one at WebMonkey.
  • Start by adjusting the settings in the menu: choose the image format, from JPEG or Raw format, as well as sRGB or RGB color management for post-processing.