Sentence Examples

  • RECKLINGHAUSEN, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Westphalia, 22 m.
  • The county of Recklinghausen belonged to the archbishopric of Cologne until 1803, when it passed to the duke of Arenberg.
  • See Ritz, Die iiltere Geschichte des Veste and der Stadt Recklinghausen (Erzen, 1904).
  • Belgium 950 3117 The greatest depth attained in the Westphalian coal is at East Recklinghausen, where there are two shafts 841 metres (2759 ft.) deep.
  • In 5855 he received back his possessions, which were mediatized by the congress of Vienna, Recklinghausen falling to Prussia and Meppen to Hanover.