Sentence Examples

  • There were a lot of the right people surrounding the Roses at the right time: Lyndsey Reade, ex-wife of Factory Records boss Tony Wilson, was involved in the running of The International.
  • The society also runs a state of the art theater (The Walter Reade Theater) and publishes Film Comment, the most respected cinema journal in the US.
  • Margo Dill suggests The Pricker Boy by Reade Scott Whinnem.
  • Mr Bates, like Mr Wiriwood Reade, refused to credit du Chaillu's account of his having killed gorillas, and stated that the only instance he knew of one of these animals being slain by a European was an old male (now in Mr Walter Rothschild's museum at Tring) shot by the German trader Paschen in the Yaunde district, of which an illustrated account was published in 1901.
  • Castell Hopkins, John Reade, A.