Sentence Examples

  • As each of the four books is sometimes called 'AvOoXoycov, it is probable that this name originally belonged to the entire work; the full title, as we know from Photius, was 'EKXorywv a1r049Eryµ6trwv uiroOrpc&v f3c(3Aia rb-rapa (Four Books of Extracts, Sayings and Precepts).
  • Rapum or rapa, turnip), in botany.
  • Great Rapa), an island in the eastern part of the South Pacific ocean, belonging to Chile (since 1888), in 27° 8' S.
  • It was subsequently visited by La Perouse (1776), Kotzebue (1816), &c. At the time of Roggeveen's discovery the island probably contained from 2000 to 3000 inhabitants of Polynesian race, who, according to their own tradition, came from Rapa Iti (Little Rapa) or Oparo, one of the Tubuai or Austral group. In 1863 a large proportion of the inhabitants were kidnapped by the Peruvians and transported to work at the guano diggings on the Chincha Islands.