Sentence Examples

  • Fortunately, Quivira Vineyards continues to make quality wines.
  • The main body of Coronado's expedition remained in New Mexico on the Rio Grande while he pushed on to the fabled land of Quivira,' only to meet with another disappointment.
  • During the next four years the submission of all the pueblos was secured, and the permanency of 1 Although the Quivira story was fabricated by an Indian captive and its fraudulent character was fully exposed by Coronado in 1541, ignorant American treasure-seekers still search for this mythical region.
  • Of Albuquerque in the vicinity of the Manzano Mountains, has received the appellation of " Gran Quivira," thereby causing many deluded persons to make a vain search among its ruins for treasure.
  • The territory now included in Kansas was first visited by Europeans in 1541, when Francisco de Coronado led his Spaniards from New Mexico across the buffalo plains in search of the wealth of " Quivira," a region located by Bandelier and other authorities in Kansas north-east of the Great Bend of the Arkansas.