Sentence Examples

  • It was during this period that he met the leaders of the "physiocratic" school, Quesnay and Gournay, and with them Dupont de Nemours, the abbe Morellet and other economists.
  • Quesnay and Mirabeau had advocated a proportional tax (impot de quotite), but Turgot a distributive tax (impot de repartition).
  • He was also a supporter of the principles of the economists, and Quesnay called him his wellbeloved disciple.
  • FRANCOIS QUESNAY (1694-1774), French economist, was born at Merey, near Paris, on the 4th of June 1694, the son of an advocate and small landed proprietor.
  • Esteemed Quesnay much, and used to call him his thinker; when he ennobled him he gave him for arms three flowers of the pansy (pensee), with the motto Propter excogitationem mentis.