Sentence Examples

  • Primitivo is primarily grown in Puglia in southern Italy where the warm growing conditions creates heavy, blunt wines once used mainly for blending.
  • It now currently only takes backseat to another heavy hitter from Puglia, Negroamaro.
  • A-Mano Barbaera Puglia 1993 is an acidic red wine from southern Italy.
  • This mountainous tract, which has an average breadth of from 50 to 60 m., is bounded west by the plain of Campania, now called the Terra di Lavoro, and east by the much broader and more extensive tract of Apulia or Puglia, composed partly of level plains, but for the most part of undulating downs, contrasting strongly with the mountain ranges of the Apennines, which rise abruptly above them.
  • On each side of that great chain are found extensive Tertiary deposits, sometimes, as in Tuscany, the district of Monferrat, &c., forming a broken, hilly country, at others spreading into broad plains or undulating downs, such as the Tavoliere of Puglia, and the tract that forms the spur of Italy from Bari to Otranto.