Sentence Examples

  • PIERRE JOSEPH PROUDHON (1809-1865), French socialist and political writer, was born on the r5th of January 1809 at Besancon, France, the native place also of the socialist Fourier.
  • As Proudhon knew nothing whatever of the true principles of philology, his treatise was of no value.
  • For some time Proudhon carried on a small printing establishment at Besancon, but without success; afterwards he became connected as a kind of manager with a commercial firm at Lyons.
  • As Proudhon aimed at economic rather than political innovation, he had no special quarrel with the second empire, and he lived in comparative quiet under it till the publication of his work,, De la Justice dans la revolution et dans l'eglise, (1858) in which he attacked the Church and other existing institutions with unusual fury.
  • Personally Proudhon was one of the most remarkable figures of modern France.