Sentence Examples

  • This was known as the Moret Law, having been carried through the house of representatives by Senor Moret y Prendergast, then minister for the colonies.
  • The city was named in honour of James Prendergast, an early settler.
  • Bank are the suburbs of Cartlet and Prendergast, the latter of which contains the ancient parish church of St David and the ruins of a large mansion originally built by Maurice de Prendergast (12th century) and subsequently the seat of the Stepney family.
  • About the 1st of May 1169 Fitzstephen landed on the Wexford shore with a small force, and next day Maurice de Prendergast brought another band nearly to the same spot.
  • P. Prendergast, The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland (1870); Denis Murphy, Cromwell in Ireland (1885); M.