Sentence Examples

  • There's a chance the popup message isn't a legit system query at all, but rather works like a cleverly disguised ad that interprets any click as approval to install something malicious on your system.
  • Instructions normally appear on the website you are on, but usually you simply wait for the popup window and then click "accept" when it asks you if you want to download the program.
  • Not that there aren't good, free Valentine graphics out there - they're just hidden within a forest of advertising and popup ads (which is how most "free" graphic sites make money).
  • Update all virus and spam protection software, popup ad blockers, firewalls, and Internet security measures before playing, and only play games from reputable, trustworthy websites.
  • When the popup box comes up with the name of the file, try to search for that file on a search engine such as Yahoo! or Google.