Sentence Examples

  • 561 Cochin China Cambodia Annam Tonkin 1,761 Pondicherry Malacca Philippines.
  • The authorities of Chandernagore are subject to the jurisdiction of the governor-general of Pondicherry, to whom is confided the general government of all the French possessions in India.
  • Just then war was declared between France and England; Chandernagore was taken, and Anquetil returned to Pondicherry by land.
  • He found one of his brothers at Pondicherry, and embarked with him for Surat; but, with a view of exploring the country, he landed at Mahe and proceeded on foot.
  • Thence he proposed going to Benares, to study the language, antiquities, and sacred laws of the Hindus; but the capture of Pondicherry obliged him to quit India.