Sentence Examples

  • Having laid the founda - tions of a successful business in his admirable domestic pottery - the best the world had ever seen up to that time - he turned his attention to artistic pottery, and the European renaissance of classic art - fostered by the discovery of Pompeii and the recovery of Greek painted vases from the ancient graves in Campania.
  • Still more curious, and almost peculiar to Pompeii, are the numerous writings painted upon the walls, which have generally a semipublic character, such as recommendations of candidates for municipal offices, advertisements, &c., and the scratched inscriptions (graffiti), which are generally the mere expression of individual impulse and feeling, frequently amatory, and not uncommonly conveyed in rude and imperfect verses.
  • The inscriptions at Pompeii, for instance, give evidence of keenly contested elections in the and century.
  • 142) further states that roads must have run direct from Nola to Neapolis and Pompeii, but Kiepert's map annexed to the volume does not indicate them.
  • At Pompeii, for example, among other de- a astation, the temple of Isis was~ shaken into ruins, and, as an ii iscription records, it was rebuilt from the foundations by the d sunificence of a private citizen.