Sentence Examples

  • He was put to death on the 4th of July 1757 at Murshidabad, by order of Miran, son of Mir Jafar, who had conspired against Suraj-ud-Dowlah and had been present at Plassey without taking part in the battle.
  • Berhampur was fixed upon after the battle of Plassey as the site of the chief military station for Bengal; and a huge square of brick barracks was erected in 1767, at a cost of 30o,000.
  • Thus, after sixty years from the battle of Plassey, the supremacy of British power in India was effectively established.
  • This heroic feat, even more than the battle of Plassey, established the reputation of the British for valour throughout India.
  • Undaunted, he marched out to the battlefield of Plassey (Palasi), at the head of about 900 Europeans and 2000 sepoys, with 8 pieces of artillery.

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