Sentence Examples

  • Planck (1751-1833).
  • The impulse communicated by Schleiermacher was confirmed by Planck, and he seems now to have realized that the original investigation of Christian history was to form the great work of his life.
  • Planck 2 enables us to calculate the diffusion constant of dissolved electrolytes.
  • A more complete and more elaborate treatment of the subject will be found in foreign treatises, such as those of Clausius, Zeuner, Duhem, Bertrand, Planck and others.
  • It is then found both by experiment and by thermodynamic theory that in these amorphous radiations there is for each temperature a definite distribution of the energy over the spectrum according to a law which may be expressed by 0 5 0(OX)dX, between the wave-lengths X, A+dX; and as to the form of the function 4), Planck has shown (Sitzungsber.