Sentence Examples

  • Carteret discovered the Charlotte and Gloucester Islands, and Pitcairn Island on the 2nd of July 1767; revisited the Santa Cruz group, which was discovered by Mendafia and Quiros; and discovered the strait separating New Britain from New Ireland.
  • Pitcairn, the American consul.
  • In 1856, 194 Pitcairn islanders took the place of the convicts.
  • Forty of them soon returned to Pitcairn Island, and the remainder deteriorated owing to intermarriage.
  • In 1767 Samuel Wallis worked through the central part of the Paumotus, and visited Tahiti and the Marianas, while his companion Philip Carteret discovered Pitcairn, and visited Santa Cruz, the Solomons and New Pomerania.