Sentence Examples

  • Here there is only space to name Bontius, Clusius, Hernandez (or Fernandez), Marcgrave, Nieremberg and Piso, 6 whose several works describing the natural products of both the Indies - whether the result of their own observation or compilation - together with those of Olina and Worm, produced a marked effect, since they led up to what may be deemed the foundation of scientific ornithology.'
  • Calpurnius Piso as the fittest man to succeed him.
  • The cohort on duty at the Palatine, which had accompanied the emperor, instantly deserted him; Galba, Piso and others were brutally murdered by the praetorians.
  • Calpurnius Piso, governor of Syria.
  • Eager to avenge his death, she returned to Rome and boldly accused Piso of the murder of Germanicus.