Sentence Examples

  • (5) A line from Pretoria to Pietersburg (177 m.).
  • This line was continued (1910) north-west to effect a junction with (6) the " Selati " railway, which, starting from Komati Poort, runs north-west and was in 1910 continued to Leydsdorp. North of the junction with the Pietersburg line the railway goes towards the Limpopo.
  • Near Pietersburg in the Zoutpansberg is the Eersteling, the first mine worked in the Transvaal.
  • In March Babington, pursuing De la Rey after the latter's Lichtenburg misadventure, captured three guns and six maxims near Ventersdorp. In April Plumer occupied Pietersburg, the last remaining seat of government open to the enemy.
  • The only set-back was the descent which Beyers made upon Pietersburg, breaking into the concentration camp and carrying off a number of able-bodied refugees.

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